Hand-made Face Masks

$10.00 USD
Hand-made Face Masks

These face masks are made out of 100% cotton T-shirts. Each mask is hand-made and unique! The image is hand-printed on the fabric before sewing. The masks are double layered, include a pocket for an additional filter* and have a removable nose wire included. The strings are made out of nylon.

The sizes are based off of a pattern. Mens, ladies and teens, and youth sizes. Sizes are indicated in the pull down menu.

Mens approx 6" from top of nose to under chin
Ladies/teens approx. 5.5" from top of nose to under chin

I have been making these masks for awhile now. I started making theme because I had close family members working in grocery stores and they were not provided with adequate PPE. So I decided to make some comfortable reusable masks for them. Then I made some for close family and extended family and it grew from there. At this point I have made and given away 75-100 masks.

After a conversation with my neighbor who delivers food, a recipient of one of those mask, I was asked to make some masks for his co-workers. He mentioned to me that he doesn't even know where to get masks and that made me wonder how many other people are in the same boat?

I have been hesitant to sell the masks because I don't want to make money off of a pandemic. But I realized that with each mask I make, it's one less person walking around without a mask. I have also had to start buying supplies to keep up with the demand in my close circles. So after much thought I have decided to sell some masks! I will continue making masks for those in my community who ask for them, but in order to continue doing this I have decided to sell some so that I can buy supplies as needed.

I will post these as I make them, they are unavailable for pre-order.

The pictures are of me wearing the masks that I have made for myself, to show how they fit! Stay Safe!

*Filter not included.