Shipping Policy

**Noosh! Studios will remain open. At the moment I am only going to the Post Office once per week. T-shirts orders take at least one week to print and dry, and will be placed in the mail when I go to the post office the following week. 

Things are a little up in the air, I will continue to ship for as long as I am legally allowed  to ship. But if at some point I am unable to travel to the post office, I will hold on to your orders until I can make it to the post office again. Thank you for your support, and your understanding during this time. 

Free Shipping offers valid for orders within the United States only. Additional fees will be added to international orders. 

Some items ship free, some do not. If you order one item that ships free, and one that does not, the shipping fees for the items will be added. But no additional fees are added for your "free shipping" items. 

All T-shirts are printed to order. Please allow two weeks for your T-shirts to arrive. (International orders vary by country.) I print them ASAP and ship them as soon as they are dry. The shirts take several days to dry. If you need your shirt before a specific date. Please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. 

All of my orders are shipped USPS. If your country's postal service is unreliable, and you wish to pay extra for UPS international service, please let me know and I can estimate a price for you.