Tiny Woodcuts!

$35.00 - $40.00
Coming soon

These are one of a kind hand-carved and painted woodcut pieces. Carved out of birch, these pieces are designed the sit on a surface or hang from a single small nail.

Each piece varies in size but are Approximately 2" to 5" in size.

This listing is for one of 23 different carvings. Please select which piece you would like from the drop down menu. Each carving is listed by the number to the upper left of the piece in the image.

**NEW! Works with a heart next to it were made with just little extra heart. Because of this they are $5 more - so $40 each.

If a specific option is missing from the drop down menu that means it has already sold.

To learn when more carvings will be available - please sign up to my Tiny Woodcuts List here!


If you've read this far lucky you! There will be 5 tiny commission available - If you end up getting one of those, here are the rules.

No Pet Portraits... I'll carve a white dog, or a gray cat... but not from photos.

Must be able to be described simply. Just a noun, and a simple advective... maybe a verb if its not too complicated. Remember these are 2"-5". I am limited by the size of my tools

No intellectual property.

Please buy only ONE tiny commission. I don't have a way to limit it. But please be considerate to other people trying to grab one.

I'll send an email after purchase to talk about what you want. Thanks!