Wacky Wednesday: Ladies T-shirts!


I'm doing a little experiment and I ordered some ladies sizes. I tried to find a ladies shirt that isn't super tiny - but is still comfortable. These shirts will be printed to order. Please tell me what design you would like printed in the comment section when you check out.

**THESE ARE STILL LADIES CUT SHIRTS - They are smaller than their unisex counterparts. Please refer to the graphic for sizing. 100% cotton shirts.

$20 price not valid on Noosh! XL designs. If you choose a Noosh! XL design I will send you a PayPal invoice for $5.00 to make up the difference. The shirt will not be printed until the $5 invoice is paid. A Noosh! XL design may be tight on some of the smaller sizes, but I'm sure will look totally cool!

Please let me know if you appreciate these shirts and I can try to work them into my shirts that I generally stock. If this is successful I will buy more - if it's not, this is likely a one time deal! :)

These t-shirts are printed to order

Please choose your shirt size and color from the pull down menu. If a certain option is unavailable. That particular size and color combination is sold out.

Exchange policy only if I have the exchange you are looking for available. - Color choices may be limited.

S = Small
M = Medium
L = Large
XL = Extra Large
2XL = Extra Extra Large